Projects in Preconstruction

Project Name: Farmington Gardens II

  Location: State Route 332, Farmington, NY 14425
Building: New Construction
Units/Bedrooms: 104 mixed income: 32 one-bedroom, 40 two-bedroom and 32 three-bedroom
Amenities/features: Common laundry, community spaces, tenant storage, Energy efficient HVAC, elevator, and parking.
Total Project Costs: $23.9 M
Funding Sources: Tax-Exempt bonds, NYSHFA subsidy, 4% Tax Credits
Target Population: Families & individuals
Client: Home Leasing, LLC

Project Name: Holley Gardens

  Location: 1 Wright Street, Holley, NY 14470
Building: Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse of the former Holley High School
Units/Bedrooms: 42 mixed income: 1 studio, 36 one-bedroom and 5 two-bedroom
Amenities/features: Commercial Space, Common laundry, community spaces, air-conditioning, tenant storage, green space and on-site parking. The Village of Holley Offices will be occupying the commercial space.
Total Project Costs: $17 M
Funding Sources: Federal 9% Low-Income Housing Tax Credit equity, Federal & State Historic Tax Credit equity
Target Population: Seniors 55+
Client: Home Leasing, LLC

Project Name: Mayfield Apartments

  Location: 22 Mayfield Drive, Potsdam, NY

Building: Rehabilitation of 148 unit portfolio including 15 apartment buildings and 1 community room
Units/Bedrooms: 148 mixed income: 34 studio and 114 one-bedroom
Amenities/features: increased accessibility, common laundry, community spaces, Emergency Call System and on-site parking.
Total Project Costs: $15 M
Funding Sources: NYS Homes & Community Renewal Tax Credits, US Department of Housing and Urban Development Funds, Investor Equity

Target Population: Seniors
Client: Sandstone Housing Corporation

Project Name: Sayre Gardens

  Location: 340 Chemung Street, Sayre, PA

Building: New Construction
Units/Bedrooms: 56 mixed income: 38 one-bedroom, 12 two-bedroom and 6 three-bedroom
Amenities/features: Passive-house design, elevator, accessibility, common laundry, air-conditioning, community room, tenant storage, patio/balconies, on-site parking and management office.
Total Project Costs: $11.3 M
Funding Sources: Investor Equity, PHFA Funds, local IMPACT Funds, PHARE Funding

Target Population: Small Families & Individuals, Individuals with disabilities
Client: Home Leasing, LLC